Building a new home is exciting.

There are so many choices and designs to choose from, whether you have your own architect, buy a plan from an existing design or design your own. Three Rivers Estate is your opportunity to build something you love, to your own taste and budget.

Building your home in a managed estate like Three Rivers Estate means you will be part of a community of homes which are of a similar standard of construction. In our case, it is a high standard. This standard helps protect the high value of investment of every home owner in the Estate. So, there are design and construction guidelines you will have to adhere to when designing and building your home. These guidelines include but are not limited to: building envelopes, construction materials, roof height, external finishes, roof colours, water tanks, outdoor structures, fences, animal keeping etc and permitted hours of construction.

All our guidelines are outlined in the Three Rivers Estate Development Control Plan, which is included as part of the Contract of Sale.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has guidelines you must adhere to in order to ensure your home is able to withstand the extreme seasonal weather conditions we occasionally experience in the Snowy Mountains environment such as high winds and snow loads. You can always contact the Council for more information on their requirements.

Since the Snowy Mountains experiences alll 4 seasons to their fullest, we strongly encourage the consideration of solar passive designs, to maximize your energy savings through out the year.

How is the Estate managed?

The Estate is centrally managed. There is an on-call manager who will ensure the common areas of the Estate, gardens, roads, walking paths, water features etc are all maintained and the Estate is secure. Spare security entry keys will also be available from the manager as needed.

Can I rent my house out to holidaymakers?

If you would like to rent your home out to holidaymakers, you can do so as Three Rivers Estate zoning allows for holiday rentals.  Of course, if you plan on holiday renting your home, you will need to abide by Council regulations for holiday rental properties and bed maximums for your particular home.

Dual Occupancy

All lots in the first release are single holdings.

Exchange and Settlement

The first stage of Three Rivers Estate sales are at off-the-plan prices. This is good news for you because our off the plan blocks are offered at a discounted price. On exchange of contracts, you pay a 10% deposit to the trust account of the real estate agent to secure your lot. The Estate will connect the water, sewer and power services to your lot then make available your certificate of title, at which time you pay the remainder of the purchase price and settle. This will take anywhere from 9 - 12 months.

Prior to settlement, you may have your architects design your home and you will be granted full access to your lot to ensure your builders have everything they need to start building after settlement occurs.

 Feel free to contact our agent who will be able to answer any questions you have.